Did you happen to see Dwyer's post about Notre Dame selling their turf? That started us thinking about all the different souvenirs out there.  Last year the Chicago Blackhawks were selling the ice their championship team skated upon.  Yes you could of bought a vial of water, but those all sold out! (That may have been the worst one, but at least the money went to charity)

At one point even I was excited to "buy my piece of history."  I have a chunk of the old AstroTurf from Soldier Field.


Why yes.... it is a turf coaster, thanks for asking.

Mark sent this email:

"This is a pink brick from the visitors locker room at the University of Iowa Kinnick Stadium. My sister in law got this from her nephew when he was on the crew demolishing the old locker rooms under the south end zone."


(Mark N.)

Tera's family has a cool memento.

"...went to Germany when the Berlin Wall came down  and brought home a chunk of concrete from that wall. In theory, it is a cool historical piece. However, it is just a chunk of dirty concrete."

Shawn O. wrote:

"Dear dorks, while on a tour of the Louisville slugger bat factory we were informed by our guide that they were currently producing bats for Jim Thome. So at the end of the tour we were very fortunate to receive the nub of wood that was cut off after the bat was removed form the lath. It's about 1-2 inches high and is proudly displayed on my sons dresser. Gotta go my SUCKER sign is on fire!"

Other listeners have purchased stadium seating, bricks, and various "Must Have Historic" items.  Have you ever pulled the trigger on one of these types of purchases? (Or acquired by other means) If so let us know send an email to Goose@97X.com.