On September 8th, I tried to warn everyone about an upcoming TikTok trend that was starting to take off, but nobody listened, and now schools are having some major problems with theft.

The "Devious Lick" challenge is one where kids are encouraged by their peers to compete for the wildest thing they can steal from their school. It started off small, with small signs and things that could fit in backpacks, but we're getting ridiculous these days.

For a refresher, the slang term, "Lick," refers to an impressive theft.

Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary

We've progressed much more now. This is now getting to be an expensive trend for schools.

These kids are stealing stuff like those Xlerator hand dryers. A new one of these hand dryers is around $450.

Or how about a toilet?

The kid who shared this video posted an update to tell the story of what happened to the toilet:

This one had me mislead in the beginning, but this kid stole a whole section of lockers:

The thing is, if you're taking part in this challenge, you're either damaging your school's property, stealing your school's property, or both. Both are actions that are punishable by law, and some schools are already making sure their stance on the issue is known.

But how long before someone gets hurt? Maybe not long. If this video is true, this kid loosened the lug nuts on his principal's front wheel.

Just stop stealing crap from your school, man. Someone's gotta pay for that. You might think it's funny now, but when you're trying to get your kids an education, you won't think it's as funny.

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