In 1995, MTV set up a concert in the backyard of a contest "Winner." And on October 25th, MTV put on a WHITE ZOMBIE concert in the backyard of an Indiana college student.

Enter Brandon Collins, who was renting a house while he was going to college in Vincennes, Indiana. MTV held a contest where you could enter by dialing a 1-900 number (Remember those?) Brandon and his friends entered as many times as college kids could afford, and found out through answering machine message.


Listen to our full conversation with Brandon below.


They won $25,000 and the house was taken over by MTV for a week. He got to meet Jenny McCarthy, and White Zombie while the hung out before the concert in their living room playing SEGA.

Brandon said it was weird we called him this week, because he's having his second-ever backyard concert, and this time it's with a local band in Indiana called GrooveSmash.

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