The Brothers Family Restaurant has been a staple for those looking for breakfast along the Mississippi River as they cross the I-80 bridge into Rapids City, Illinois, but the owners have just announced their retirement.

In May of 1991, John and Musa bought the old Lusianis establishment and went on to create Brothers.

31 years, and dozens of relationships later, the Brothers have decided it's time to retire and move on to the next chapter, and have sold the business to a family member.

The staff will remain the same, and operations will continue on with an updated menu, remodeled building, and new management.

On March 10th, to celebrate the retirement of the owners, any purchase of a meal will come with a free strawberry shortcake.

The Brothers Family Restaurant is located at 1718 2nd Ave, Rapids City, IL 61278, where they're open from 6am-9pm.

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