I don't know how you people do it, but every year I am blown away by the caliber of costumes that show up to the Dwyer & Michaels Halloween Costume Ball.

We couldn't have done this without the help of Halloween Express and the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. Also, thanks to Happy Joe's who put together a ghoulish spread to make sure we were all well-fed and to Bent River Brewing Company who made up some more "Scared Schlitz-Less" just for us.

The Quad Cities Monster of Mayhem even stopped out to perform the dance to "Thriller." Here's a monstrous amount of photos for you to check out:

In case you weren't there, or if your memory is a little fuzzy, these are the costumes that place in our costume contest. We gave out $2,000 in cash! So if you want to win next year, start planning now.

10th place - Wizard of Oz:

Halloween Costume Ball 58

9th place - Coneheads:

Halloween Costume Ball 59

8th place - Beaker:

Halloween Costume Ball 60

7th place - Twins from The Shining:

Halloween Costume Ball 61

6th place - Jeepers Creepers:

Halloween Costume Ball 62

5th place - MTV Man on the Moon:

Halloween Costume Ball 63

4th place - Night King:

Halloween Costume Ball 64

3rd place - Creepy Clowns:

Halloween Costume Ball 65

2nd place - Oderus Urungus:

Halloween Costume Ball 66

1st place group - Legends of Rock:

Halloween Costume Ball 67

1st place individual - Ursula:

Halloween Costume Ball 68

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