The Philadelphia Phillies shelled out $330 million to have Bryce Harper wear their jersey, and apparently a lot of fans are willing to shell out $120 to wear those threads, too.

Major League Baseball says Bryce has the top-selling jersey in baseball, ending Aaron Judge's two-year reign at the top. Aaron is now the runner-up.

Here's the Top 20:

  1. Bryce Harper, Phillies
  2. Aaron Judge, Yankees
  3. Mookie Betts, Red Sox
  4. Mike Trout, Angels. Not a bad buy, he'll probably be an Angel for life.
  5. Yadier Molina, Cardinals
  6. Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers
  7. Javier Báez, Cubs
  8. Christian Yelich, Brewers
  9. Anthony Rizzo, Cubs
  10. Ronald Acuña Jr., Braves. He's one of the league's biggest rising stars.
  11. Paul Goldschmidt, Cardinals
  12. Manny Machado, Padres. He also signed a big, new free agent deal.
  13. Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners. He just retired, after returning to the Mariners last season. So, his Mariners jersey is both a tribute AND a cool throwback.
  14. Cody Bellinger, Dodgers
  15. Kris Bryant, Cubs
  16. Jose Altuve, Astros
  17. Alex Bregman, Astros
  18. Andrew Benintendi, Red Sox
  19. Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees
  20. Freddie Freeman, Braves

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