A survey conducted by Boudreaux's Butt Paste conducted a study of over 2,000 parents over various topics, solidifying some theories we've all had as fact.

The survey found that the average parent nearly makes nearly 4,000 "Parenting hiccups" by the time a child turns 18.

65% of respondents said they feel they let their child use a screen more than they should. 42% said they accidentally taught their child a swear word, and 39% let the kids watch something less than age appropriate. They also found the most common ways kids misbehave:

  1. Jumping on the bed: 70%
  2. Throwing things/playing catch indoors: 63%
  3. Slamming doors: 56%
  4. Drawing on the walls or floors: 52%
  5. Using screens when not allowed: 50%
  6. Eating something they shouldn't: 49%
  7. Hiding stuff under the bed instead of cleaning: 47%
  8. Physically fighting with siblings: 46%
  9. Blaming their sibling for something they did: 45%
  10. Calling their sibling names: 45%

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