This picture is from Christmas Eve 2009.  The Stage side of my family had a tradition of leaving the Christmas party to hit the bar for a few.  So, I left my 1 1/2 year old daughter with my mom and we rolled uptown.  We took this picture to send to my wife, who was working, to make her jealous.

The difference between the quality of the picture above and the picture below is huge. Taken 10 years apart.  Each with my phone.  The amount of growth in technology is nothing compared to the growth as a person I've experienced.  Since that first picture, we had a baby boy, bought a house, lost some loved ones, gained a few more, lost some weight, gained some back, and lost some more again.

The ups and downs over the last decade can be measured in huge spikes.  The highs were amazing.  The lows were rough. But we keep moving.  Learning.  Growing.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.  Can't wait to make more memories with you all in the Roaring 20's!


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