A Texas man is being hailed as a hero after a viral picture of himself got the attention that a neighborhood was fighting for from their city.

Living in the Midwest, we know potholes all too well. They pop tires, bend wheels, break tie rods and some feel like you've been in a motor vehicle collision.


A three-foot-deep hole was seen in the middle of Tuam Street near Brailsfort in Houston, Texas, and residents were obviously not happy about the dangerous road hazard.

“It was huge and I could clearly tell it was dangerous,” Ed Pettitt told KHOU. “There was nothing blocking it or alerting people that it was there.”

Residents in the neighborhood had gotten their vehicles stuck in the hole, which was difficult to see.

"When I come through my front end hit first. Then my back hit, back in there," Ronald Emmanuel told the news station. "My neighbors had to help me out."

Ed Pettit called 311, the area's reporting line for road hazards. Then, he stepped down into the hole, and took a picture to post to his Facebook page.

“When I stood in the hole, it was almost up to my waist, and I’m 6-foot-1, so it was a pretty deep hole," Pettit said.

The post immediately went viral, and city workers came quickly to fill the hole with dirt. A couple of days later, they returned and installed a metal plate as well.

Pettit says the public works employees confirmed his theory that some private contractors were to blame for the hole.

They believe the hole was a result of an illegal road cut for a water connection that wasn’t sealed properly or wasn’t done properly.

We Escavate Texas were cited as the contracting group and will be facing fines. Residents now are waiting to find out who will pay for the damage to their vehicles.

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