This expecting couple from San Antonio, Texas made an emergency stop at their favorite restaurant to use the restroom while on the way to the hospital. Little did they know that they would be delivering their baby right there.

Robert and Falon Griffin stopped at the Chick-fil-A because the pregnant woman started having intense contractions. The restaurant wasn't open at the time, but they let Falon in and that's when she went into labor.

"All I cared about at the end of the day was the baby was breathing, and by the time [the first responders] arrived, she was pink, thankfully for those blankets for keeping her warm," Falon said to KSAT.

The mother and her newborn were transferred to the hospital and are doing well. Little Gracelyn even has a "Little Nugget" Chick-Fil-A onesie. The restaurant chain has even offered the baby free food for life and a guaranteed job at age 14.

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