A construction crew in Fort Worth, Texas was hired to gut a house earlier this month. They spent three days ripping out the doors, the cabinets, and all the fixtures. Basically everything except the tub.

But unfortunately they didn't double-check the address first and it turned out they gutted the wrong house.

The one they were supposed to work on was at 2700 Forest Park Blvd. The one they went to was a vacant house a few doors down from it that's currently on the market for $369,000.

It turns out the crew saw "2700 Forest Park Blvd." on the curb outside, and didn't realize the number on the actual house was 2736. You'd think they'd have realized it when the key didn't work. But the guy who hired them didn't give them one. They were gutting it, so he told them to just kick the door in.

The real estate agent who's been trying to sell the house they gutted found it all torn up about a week and a half ago, and thought there was a burglary. A very thorough burglary. Then the owner of the construction company came forward.

Since it was a mistake, he's not facing charges. But he's on the hook for all the damages. He's either going to fix up the place, or he might just have to buy it for their original asking price.

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