If you grew up in a house with rules, chances are you had to follow at least a few of these rules, if not all. I had to follow all of these growing up.

  1. You can't play until you finish your homework: 43% of people had to follow this rule.
  2. No TV until ALL homework is done: 37% said yes to this one.
  3. You don't get to leave the table until you eat all of your vegetables : 35% said they had to sit at the table all night.
  4. No sweets until after dinner: 34% had to wait for days.
  5. A Time Limit for the family TV on school nights: 30% said they had to stop watching when they had their time run out.
  6. Finish everything on your plate, even if it is "gross": 29% had to eat brussel sprouts and asparagus.
  7. No fun stuff until you finish your chores: 28% had to bust their ass to go to the movies.
  8. No snacks right before dinner: 27% had to starve while the house smelled of chicken and potatoes.
  9. Be home before the streetlights come on: Contrary to popular belief, only about 27% had to follow this one.
  10. No eating in your bedroom: 25% of us weren't allowed to do this, but 25% of broke this one.

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