Teenagers love testing boundaries and seeing what they can get away with. It's just not a great idea when you're dealing with airport security.

A 15-year-old kid got pulled out of line at an airport in Toronto on Saturday, when a screener checked his carry-on bag and saw what looked like seven sticks of dynamite taped together. It even had a timer and a bunch of wires attached to it.

Police shut down the screening area for three hours, evacuated the building, and called in the bomb squad. They eventually figured out it was actually a clock that's made to look like a bomb.

According to the website that sells them, they're used as movie props, and for things like paintball competitions where you have to get into a building and pretend to diffuse a bomb before it goes off. And the website specifically says not to bring one anywhere close to an airport.

The 15-year-old hasn't been identified, but apparently he did it just to see what would happen. So he's facing charges for mischief.

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