Tire Rack Street Survival teen driving course is coming to the Quad Cities June 16th.

The statistics are staggering.  The number one killer of teenagers between the ages of 16-19 isn't drugs, or suicide--it's driving.  As a parent, we all know that moment when our teenager drives away with their new license for the first time.  We are proud, and scared sh**less that something might happen.  With a teenager, "might" becomes a pretty good possibility. 5000 teens were killed on the road last year.

A Safe Driving Course can give your teen driver confidence and awareness that they just don't get from driver education alone.  I strongly suggest looking into it for your young driver.  Heck when I attended a similar course with Joey, I learned a lot also!

The Tire Rack Street Survival teen safe driving course is coming back to the Quad Cities on June 16th, at Bettendorf High School.  It's a day-long program of classroom, and driving exercises designed to make a driver more aware of how accidents can happen, and to make them capable of avoiding them or lessening their severity through training. Parents interested in seeing more info, or signing up a driver, click the above link. Anyone interested in volunteering can call organizer Tim Govier at 563-349-8208.

Your teenager won't want to go--they won't be begging you to sign them up.  But after that day of driving, they will thank you for it.  Tell them it's their Father's Day gift to you.

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