The video game "Fortnite" has gotten huge over the last few months. Try to get your kid to come down for dinner in the middle of a game, it won't happen. This story might be the most extreme example of "Fortnite" lunacy so far.

Anton Williams in Greensboro, North Carolina was in the middle of a game on Sunday when a tornado ripped through his neighborhood. Officials say it was a strong EF-2.

He says he started to hear a lot of noise outside, looked out a window and saw his neighbors' roofs being ripped off. Despite that, he still sat back down and tried to finish his game.

Anton was playing against other people online and told the local news there were only a few players left, so that's why he didn't stop.

Eventually he saw the power lines around his house start to come down though. So at that point, he got his sister and nephew into a bathroom where it would be safer.

Even then, he says his mind was still on the game. Luckily he and his family are all okay, but their house was damaged. Their neighbor's house got lifted up off its foundation, so it's in even worse shape.

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