A 15-year-old's salute to a fallen Marine is getting national attention.

Ethan Martula has been playing his mellophone in front of Sgt. Marty Gonzalez's home in Cypress, Texas at the end of every day.

Gonzalez passed away late last month from complications of injuries caused by a grenade attack in Iraq 16 years ago.

"I never ever thought that at the age of 37 that I would be a widow," said his wife, Tawnee Gonzalez.

Martula said he wanted to show his appreciation for Gonzalez's sacrifice, so he started with the only way he knew how. He started performing the national anthem, Marine Hymn, and 'God Bless America' in front of his home, all on his french horn.

"I feel like a lot people just saw it and were surprised that there are still people out there that do this and show great appreciation of people that made a lot of sacrifices," said the teen.

Martula says neighbors have begun gathering to watch him play every night, and he's happy to know he's brought some sort of comfort to Gonzalez's widow and four children.

He plans to continue helping people going through tough times, with music.

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