We wanted to do a promo video for this weekend.  The 97XLP is being released on Friday at Ribco and  Saturday is the Tom Kiefer show in the District.

This weekend we're inviting any DJ who has been on 97X to come to Ribco Friday and share stories and have a few drinks.

As we were putting together this video, we found a bunch of great pictures of people who have had a great impact on this radio station and the Quad Cities as a whole!

Here's a picture that didn't get into the video.  Something I wish we'd bring back.  They would take a picture of on-air & sales staff on the steps of The Rock & Roll Mansion.

Now, I'm no historian so...but I see Guy Perry, Bill Michaels, Mark Detl, Steve Donovan and Darren Pitra.

Such an honor to be a part of this historical radio station.  Thanks for the memories.


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