Why wouldn't this be a 'thing' in Iowa? I'm wondering why no one has thought of sweet corn flavored ice cream until now, but relax you'll find this delicious treat at Here's The Scoop in the Village of East Davenport.

Sweet corn ice cream/Instagram photo
Sweet corn ice cream/Instagram photo

I have yet to try it myself, but my family has tried several of their unique flavors like Lavender Honeycomb and PB & J.

According to a QCTimes.com article, the ice cream shop's owners say they get plenty of curious questions about their sweet corn ice cream.

“People can’t believe it is what it is. They say, ‘Is it really corn?’”

Sweet corn was on the menu when the owners opened Here’s The Scoop in April 2017. And why not? It's Iowa and you can't find this flavor anywhere else near the QC's as far as we know.

 If corn ice cream isn't your thing there are 18 flavors of hand-packed ice cream in the freezer, including Dark Chocolate Praline, Watermelon Sorbet, Lavender Honeycomb, Key Lime Pie and  Goat Cheese with Roasted Cherries.
The owners buy local ingredients including Davenport’s Redband Coffee Company. They also play to include Wide River Winery's raspberry wine in their White Chocolate Raspberry Wine ice cream.
I can't wait for dessert. You'll also be glad to know Here's The Scoop also has a food truck. Look for the locations at their social media page.

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