Say the police arrest you and you're a suspect in a major case. The interrogation is intense, the detectives are really hammering you, and you know they don't have enough on you and you could walk. What do you do? You do this.

24-year-old Sean Sykes from Kansas City, Missouri was pulled over back in September and the cops found drugs and stolen guns in a backpack inside his car. The cops took him in for questioning, and Sean swore they weren't his.

The cops kept persisting, and Sean finally got them to stop with his flatulence. Or, as the official police report put it, "Mr. Sykes released a loud fart. Mr. Sykes continued to be flatulent and I ended the interview."

The cops let him go without charging him, which is kind of amazing and pretty much all thanks to his flatulence.

Unfortunately for Sean, he got pulled over again a few days ago, and the cops found more drugs and more guns. This time, he couldn't stink bomb his way out of it. Sean was hit with several drug and weapons charges.

Jackson County Detention Center
Jackson County Detention Center

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