It's officially happened. We as Americans have shifted priorities, but it's in a time that makes the most sense.

A study from Asurion has shown that people have become more protective of their phones, so much so that they're more likely to make an insurance claim on their phone the day of a mishap than they are their vehicle.

The study asked about 1,000 people what the most important things in their lives are, and the answers are eye-roll worthy at first, until you give them a second thought:

  1. Cell Phones- This shift saw a 20% jump since their last survey, but if you think about it, it should. Cell phones have become the source for communication, pictures, banking, news, and in quarantine, the only means to see what's happening outside our homes.
  2. Cars- In 2020, I personally put significantly less miles on my car than previous years, mostly because there was nowhere to go.
  3. Refrigerators- Pretty self explanatory. If you lose your fridge, you lose your food, and there's no cold beer. Many of us learned this after the derecho knocked out power for over a week this year.

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