There was a fashion show in Paris last month where the male models wore socks with sandals. That doesn't mean you should try it this summer.

Men's feet in sandals

It might catch on and be "cool" in a year or two or probably never. But you'll definitely still look clueless if you try it now. Keep resisting that urge.

While we're at it, here are some summer fashion mistakes guys make all the time:

  1. Wearing sandals or flip-flops too much. Even without socks, you can't wear them all the time. If you're getting even slightly dressed up, throw some actual shoes on.
  2. Buying sunglasses that don't fit your face. Just because they're expensive doesn't mean they'll look good on you. Either stick with what works, or google what looks best with different face shapes.
  3. Wearing shorts to events that are more formal. They're the most practical choice when it's hot out, so that's why guys do it. You can't always get away with shorts. It's a good idea to invest in at least one pair of lightweight cotton or linen pants.
  4. Going sockless without taking any precautions. Wearing loafers or boat shoes without socks is in style right now. You'll probably end up with blisters the first time you try it and your feet will start to stink after a while.

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