Couples all over the UK are apparently throwing up a Christmas tree in the bedroom for the simple reason that it's apparently the ultimate aphrodisiac, according to a new study.

Chris Bonnett, of, says putting a real Christmas tree in the bedroom is the ultimate turn-on, and you'll be rocking around that tree before you know it.

In his claim, he mentions that the green color of the Christmas tree and the smell of the branches are soothing and a reminder of nature. Going through with picking out a tree and cutting it yourself is also just a plain fun activity to do as a couple.

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Bonnett also claims that decorating a bedroom Christmas tree together gives the couple a feeling of control, and the lighting from the tree in a dark room is one of nostalgia. The colors and lights trigger hormones that make us happy.


The bigger it is, the better, and it's not even about compensation for your own issues. He claims the bigger the tree, the more of a sense of security and shelter. This, for some reason, equates to wanting to be jolly with your holly.

Hanging a Unique Ornament on the Christmas Tree
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See if the two of you can find the "Christmas Pickle."

“It connects us with nature and reminds us of our earliest ancestors who slept and made love in the outdoors," Chris Bonnett said. “Social media these days is filled with pictures of people sharing their bedroom Christmas trees and it’s a trend which is increasing as more of us become aware of the aphrodisiac qualities of a real big tree."

He emphasized the fact of it being a real tree, saying “It does need to be a real Christmas tree, though. An artificial tree just doesn’t have the same benefits, and no one likes to have to fake it in the bedroom.”

Read more about the study at Wales Online

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