When you pull into a parking lot, what's your strategy for finding a spot? A new study found there are really three approaches people take, and the worst one might NOT be what you think. Here are the three approaches:

  1. People who drive right up to where they're going, hoping they'll find an amazing spot right in front.
  2. People who do the opposite, and just grab the first spot they see, no matter how far away it is, and walk.
  3. And people who split the difference. They might not grab a terrible spot at the back of the parking lot, but they also don't try to get an incredible spot. They'll grab one that's in the middle.

Well, the researchers found that the people who split the difference ultimately waste the least amount of time.

But, believe it or not, people who go for dream spots have the second-most efficient strategy. Even though they might get denied when they go to the front of the lot, on average, they get where they're going faster than people who grab a far spot and walk.

So, it's better to hunt for an amazing parking spot than just take the first one you see and walk. Over your life, you'll save more time that way.

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