Increasing coffee intake might actually protect your liver and help prevent liver-related death.

A group of researchers in Australia looked at data from other studies that had to do with liver diseases and coffee, and came up with the answer that two cups a day keeps the liver disease away.

“Increasing per capita coffee consumption to > 2 cups per day on a population level has the potential to avert hundreds of thousands of liver‐related deaths annually if the impact of coffee on liver‐related mortality is confirmed in clinical trials," wrote Sarah Gardner of the liver transplant unit at The Austin Hospital in Australia.

They found when comparing non-coffee drinkers, those who drank 2-3 cups daily had a 38% reduction in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and a 46% reduction in risk of death from chronic liver disease (CLD).

If an individual drinks more than 4 cups a day, the risk reduction for HCC was 41% and for death from CLD was 71%.

The study numbers showed that if the world just drank two cups a day, 452,861 liver disease related deaths could've been prevented.

“High coffee consumption has been correlated with improved insulin sensitivity, suggesting that coffee may exert protective effects through attenuating insulin‐induced hepatic fibrosis and/or NAFLD as a co‐factor in liver disease progression," they added.

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