Age is but a number when it comes to this friendship. A 19-year-old student became friends with a 71-year-old lady after the older woman missed her bus home.

Rebecca McCurry, 19, spotted Ann, a grandmother of five, walking the streets of Glasgow alone late at night. Rebecca walked over to Ann to make sure she was ok.

It was discovered that Ann had missed her bus home and unfortunately had nowhere to stay.

Ann had been in Glasgow, Scotland, visiting her sick brother when she got stuck trying to get home. She was unable to stay in a hotel, as this happened in March 2021, prime COVID time.

Rebecca, the sociology student at the "University of the West of Scotland" invited Ann to stay at her home for the night.

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"She'd been wandering the streets for hours after missing her bus. I just said 'you'll sleep with me tonight and she looked so thankful," Rebecca said.

Rebecca had just come from a party but decided to take the woman to her house.

"It was already about 11.30 pm at night. I made her come in with me and I snuck her past my security by saying she was my granny."

Rebecca informed Ann that she was going to return to the party for a bit longer. To which Ann replied, "Where's my invite?"

Ann ended up going to the party and "everyone loved her," Rebecca said.

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"The next morning, I was a bit shocked to see a tuft of her hair poking out of my bed, but then I remembered I'd let her stay. Most students wake up with a bit of a hangover, but I woke up with a 71-year-old stranger in my bed," Rebecca said.

That day, Ann was able to return home safely.

Rebecca said, "Ann couldn't stop calling me an angel but I was just glad to help."

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Since then, the two have stayed in touch. Rebecca even went to visit Ann for a weekend in Dumfries and Galloway Scottland. They did things like going out to dinner, walking on the beach, and visiting a local pub.

"It was a lovely weekend. We just have the best time. I think she loves finding out what it is like to be a student these days and I love hearing all about her. After meeting Ann I'm not scared to get old," Rebecca said.

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