A viral video shared across the internet this week showed a disaster on a ski lift that seems like a comedy sketch.

The video, shot in Styria, Austria, was filmed by a skier riding up a lift, and decided to start filming when he spotted a snowboarder who was being pulled up the tow rope struggling to stay upright.

One of his feet was out of the straps of his board, and he couldn't keep control of the snowboard, which kept swaying side to side.

Eventually, his board began hopping because of the angle it was at, until eventually he fell and began sliding down the steep incline.

Not being able to stop, the snowboarder went straight down the hill, running into snowboarder and skier after skier, until eventually a pile of other riders were sliding down the hill behind him.

attachment-VideoScreenshot--YouTube-StrugglingSnowboarderKnocksLineofPeopleDownViralHog-0’45” (1)

My count is eight other riders who were taken out by the out-of-control snowboarder, but that's just what I can see until he gets too far away to see where he stops.

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