If you have a bona fide "Classic Rocker" on your Christmas list, I'll share my top 5 gift ideas for this year and maybe it'll give you some help!   Here it goes in no particular order:

The Grateful Dead  "Fare Thee Well" in a complete box set on DVD, Blue Ray, or CD.  There's the deluxe edition that also has behind the scenes footage from all 3 Chicago Shows, or the Complete box set from July 5th only, or the economical "highlights" package.

Tickets for "The Final Tour" from Black Sabbath.  This is the one and only last time to see the guys perform together, and it's a can't miss idea.  They'll be in Omaha on January 20th, Chicago the 22nd, and Minneapolis the 25th.

The Rolling Stones "Live at the Tokyo Dome 1990".  It's the first time they ever played Japan, and it's been in their vault for a long time waiting for finishing production and release.  Get it on DVD, Blu-Ray, CD or Vinyl.

"Petty: The Biography"  the new book which is an incredible and intimate account of Tom Petty's life and history.  Tom opens up for the first time about a lot of his past.

The Scorpions "Forever and a Day", the documentary of 50 years of the band with Live and Studio tracks,  plenty of behind the scenes footage and interviews, and previously unreleased material.  Get it on DVD, Blu Ray, and digital retail... a must for any Scorps fan!

Simon Cross