If you're waking up today no longer a Steelers fan, you're not alone. In a game that should've had a different outcome, the Steelers lost to the Browns 48-37.

Fans across the country watched in disbelief as a team with multiple coaches out with COVID-19 kicked the crap out of their team.

One guy got so mad at the end of the game, he apparently was so disappointed, he didn't want to watch TV ever again.

NSFW: Language

In tears, he picked up a ladder and rammed the TV screen multiple times. As it hits the screen, the lights in the room dim from the power surge the TV is surely causing.

The guy then punches the screen multiple times, yelling at the team, before knocking it off of the TV stand.

It's not clear if the guy had money on the game, but that's the only way I could see anyone being remotely justified in busting up a TV over a football game.

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