Tappas Steakhouse, a staple for families in Davenport's celebrations, anniversaries and date nights, has announced they will be closing for good in February.

The steak house has been open for 41 years, located on Rockingham Road, they specialized in great steaks and any of the good sides for steaks, like shrimp, and potatoes, and they even did chicken dinners for those who aren't steak fans.

Jan Tappa announced the closure of the restaurant on her personal Facebook page.

It is with a heavy heart, Tappa’s Steak House located at 1620 Rockingham Rd., Davenport, IA will be closing on February 7 at 8 PM for the last time.


We would like to thank this community for their love and support throughout all of these wonderful 41

years as it’s time for Cliff and Jan to retire.


Thank you again for all of your patronage, friendship and memories. We love you all.

Jan said the building the restaurant resides in is for sale, and information can be found through their realtor Shawn Langan with Ruhl & Ruhl.

Recently, the restaurant had a 40-year-old celebration and renovated its building, creating an even better atmosphere for its customers.

Back in September, the owners were seeking a buyer for the entirety of the business. Jan Tappa told WQAD, "We're ready to retire. We want to go take a train in Canada and explore."

In the 40 years of running the steakhouse, Cliff has only taken three vacations.

"I want to go down to Costa Rica, I want to see Central America. My wife is Irish, I would love to go to Ireland," Cliff told WQAD in September.

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It's sad to see them go, but we wish the Tappas a happy retirement.

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