The Guardian has a new article that struck my fancy.  How to lose weight...while STILL staying a functional drunk!

I love the idea of losing weight.  I also enjoy a cocktail from time to time to time.

Pub runs

They don't suggest you join a tavern 5K...they suggest you run to the pub.  If you're anything like the folks I hang out with, you're usually doing the opposite.  Running home to avoid an asswhoopin or the man you didn't know she had.

Indulge in impulsivity

While you're drunk you're more apt to do crazy things.  Instead of climbing to the top of the water tower and professing your love for all mankind..."sign up for a tough mudder" (which may be even more crazy).

Embrace the anger

Swinging a pool cue burns a surprising amount of calories.  Go for it ya sissy!

Blank the workout

They suggest working out while you're blackout drunk!  That way you won't remember the agony of running that 3.1 miles.

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