Yesterday I posted about Groundhogs Day because Punxsutawney Phil says it’s an early spring this year. I said my son almost cried because he wants more snow to sled on and I was indifferent because "spring is my least favorite season".

To which, Greg Dwyer gave me crap about.


Let me explain.  Above you will see a picture of my driveway.  This is my driveway until the snow is done coming down and the sun has been out for at least 2 months.  So, last year that was until about June.

But maybe I'm being too hasty.  Let's weigh it out.

Pro: Flowers are in bloom
Con: Allergies

Pro: Baseball
Con: Baseball is not Football

Pro: Days are longer
Con: Sun's out earlier which means the birds are louder & wakes me up earlier

Pro: Baby chicks, baby ducks, baby rabbits
Con: Kids remembering when the dog got ahold of our pet duck, Olive.  It was traumatising.

Pro: Easter
Con: The amount of Cadbury Eggs that come with spring doesn't come close to the joy and wonderment that Christmas brings to winter.  Santa is magic!  Easter bunny is creepy and flawed from the get go.  Why does this bunny hide eggs?  It doesn't make any sense at all.

Pro: Spring Cleaning
Con: Being reminded how bad of hoarders we are

Pro: You don't have to bundle up to go outside
Con: You have to hose off your shoes to get the mud off them

Pro: The Smell of freshly cut grass
Con: The 2.5 hours it takes to cut  the damn yard.

Pro: Wearing flip flops
Con: Having bad arches so I can't wear them for long.

The only reason people like spring is because winter sucks so bad.

Now that I've properly weighed it out...I believe I was correct.  Spring is the worst season of the year.

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