Hi Gang--The 36th Annual Rod and Custom Show is coming this weekend...

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Townsquare Media

You can find these special commemorative show shirts for sale at the 97X tent by the calendar cars. They are $15 with every dollar going to Helping Hannah's Heart Foundation. I only have 100 of these shirts in limited sizes, and I'd like to be able to hand John Wells a pile of cash from a "sold out" sale by Sunday.

The story of the shirts comes from my friend, artist Danny O'Leary, who I often times ask to do ASAP designs, and he never disappoints. Well, in the conversation about this years' show shirt, I sent him a drawing of what I thought was a perfect description--a few minutes later, he sends me this: My actual drawing done up like a show shirt!

So I printed 100 of them, and will give 100% of the sale to HHH Foundation. Now, I guess I could have just written a check--but I like to think us car folks are just weird enough to get on board with something like this. Props to my boss here at the station who supported this idea, knowing full well that people might buy these shirts instead of the "Official" shirt.

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