A prank has been pulled, and we don't know if it's hilarious or strange.

Listener Tammy  sent in a video of them walking into her office, when she found out SHE GOT HAIRBALLED!


Printed pictures of topless, half-naked Hairball are seen hanging from the ceiling all throughout the office.


These photos were not all the same. As you keep scrolling you will see this is not the first time Hairball has gone topless in public.


What a guy.


For those who are confused, we have been talking for weeks about going to see the new Top Gun Maverick movie. On Tuesday we finally got to see it! Many people dressed up as their favorite characters, others dressed like pilots, and Hairball... Well, he didn't really dress at all...

His intention was to dress like his favorite Top Gun Scene, "the volleyball scene."

Someone must have thought that was funny or weird because they printed out several images of shirtless Hairball and hung them around a co-worker's office as a prank.

Well done prankster... Well done.

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