We usually see a bunch of news stories pop up in October about passersby that call 911 on Halloween scenes that they think are real. Now Christmas displays are getting the same attention.

There's a famous scene in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" where Clark Griswold is putting up Christmas decorations, he slips on some ice on the roof, and winds up hanging from the gutter.

The Heerlein family in Austin, Texas recreated that scene for their holiday decorations. They dressed up a dummy as Chevy Chase from the scene and positioned him so he was hanging from the gutter. They even wrapped a ladder in lights and propped it up nearby.

Somebody walking by saw a person hanging and thought it was real, so he called 911. Being a good Samaritan, he also tried to save the dummy and yelled for help.

Everything got smoothed over once the police showed up and the family gave the guy a gift card. The cops aren't making the Heerleins take their decorations down, but they have to put up a sign letting people know it's fake.

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