That's a quote from one of my friends in Mount Juliet, TN., where a group of tornadoes ravaged the area early Tuesday.

Some were lucky enough to find a motel room, but even those people have at least temporarily lost their jobs due to the devastation. Others, not as lucky.


Multiple fundraisers have surfaced to help the cities rebuild, including a CMT telethon for the victims through the Red Cross. The Red Cross is asking for specific items, and for blood donations, on their website. A town of 32,000 people saw a volunteer sign up system crash after it reached its limit of 3,000 signups, with more people asking where to help. Mt. Juliet PD is asking those who didn't get on the list to help surrounding communities. It's not called the Volunteer State for nothing.

There is also an emergency response fund set up, simply click the image below:

brit b

Our friend, and Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar Model, Brittany Lee, lives near Nashville with her family, but thankfully her home was spared.

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