You've got those friends on social media.  We all do.  Every few months...maybe only once a year...but like clockwork you can see things falling apart.

I'm not judging.  I have all the empathy in the world...but they are choosing to provide a play by play break up on the world's stage.

So, far be it from me to pass up a free show.

It starts with a couple snide comments about not helping around the house or feeling slighted because of their significant other avoiding her family or something.

It's a disconnection.

Then the empowerment happens.  "I deserve better." "No one can hold me down". yada yada yada.

The the profile picture changes and it's on.  It's all over. Until next time.

From the "I'm Not Sure Who Funds These Studies" file...a new study out of University of Texas found that someone's social media posts can predict their breakup three months before it happens.

There are a couple tips to look out for.  An increased usage of words like "I," "me," and "mine" . . . then they start posting things less analytically and more emotionally.

They apparently studied posts on the subreddit thread "Breakups" then went to those peoples social media to analyze.

(Hot tip?  They don't need the FBI.  It isn't "spying" if you're offering up the evidence for free)


Research says, "there are signs you've already started to disengage from your partner weeks ahead of time . . . [so] if you notice you're using more self-focused words, it might be a sign you've already made up your mind."



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