On their release, Uncrustables changed the lunch game for the better. The pre-made, frozen PB&J that thaws in 20 minutes for a quick refreshing snack has decided to take a step of faith and release a new line of sandwiches. Uncrustables is going for a more savory flavor.

The new sandwiches were spotted at a Target by FoodieWithTheBeasts on Instagram. Three new flavors can be seen in the post.

  • Taco Bites- Ground beef, cheese, salsa and taco seasoning inside bread
  • BBQ Chicken Bites- All white meat chicken with BBQ sauce inside bread
  • Uncured Ham & Cheddar Roll Ups- Ham, cheddar, neufchâtel cheese in flatbread
  • Turkey & Colby Jack Roll Ups- Smoked turkey breast, colby, montery jack, neufchâtel cheese, seasonings

The sandwiches aren't available locally yet, but hopefully they'll show up soon.

Read more at Delish

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