Do you ever wonder how McDonald's can have a drive-through line of 20 cars, but you get through it so quickly? A viral Tiktok video of McDonald's employee, Kate, shows that the camera on the order screen is used for more than just security purposes.

Kate has revealed the secret of how the McDonalds drive-through runs so smoothly. The employee is known as @katieeclarkee on TikTok. She shares what the cameras on the order screen are used for, besides the purpose of security.

Image: katieeclarkee/TikTok
Image: katieeclarkee/TikTok

Kate explains in the video that the camera snaps a photo of customers and their cars and shows the staff on their order screen. This is to help the workers keep track of multiple orders. The employees can match the order to the face when you pull up to the window. Currently, the video has been viewed over 6.3 million times.

In the video, Kate is working her shift and reveals the screen that she sees all day and demonstrates how the drive-through camera works.


The camera is not meant to spy on you. The 17-year-old explained that the orders are handed to the correct customer thanks to the handy camera.

In the end, she jokes: "So maybe don’t pick your nose when you order … because we see it and we judge you, ahahaha."

Image: katieeclarkee/TikTok

Since being posted, the video has shocked McDonald's fans. Comments on the video are quite humorous.

Verified user Danny Wang Design said: " I thought they just had crazy memory"

Asa D. Ruth said: "and they still mess up my order "

Tyler Price inserts some humor: "And they still ask..did you have 3 kids meals and a Big Mac meal as it’s just me in the car."

Fal Marie commented: "I work at Bojangles. we need this"

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