A lesson can be learned here today. If you do not have a proper vehicle to haul items, get them delivered!

An accident occurred on the Airport Road south of the city of Temple in Texas. The driver of a gray sedan was transporting large strips of wood, THE WRONG WAY! The planks of wood were much longer than the car itself, and the driver decided to load them in the worst way possible.  The beams are hanging sideways from the rear windows of the car in a way that extends the vehicle’s dimensions beyond a single road lane. BIG MISTAKE!

In the video, we can see the sedan driving past a line of cars. As the driver tries to keep a good distance from the cars, the planks were still too long on both sides. The wood sticking out on the other side breaks as it hits a sign, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. As a result, they then hit an SUV waiting in line and continue without even considering stopping at the place of the accident.

The person recording is in another lane behind the sedan and continues to follow behind the car for the duration of the video. The sedan tries to flee the scene as an SUV follows it. When the sedan approaches a red stoplight it makes an illegal left turn, almost causing another accident.

No one was hurt in the incident... Well, except the wood.

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