Somewhere along the social media rabbit hole, I saw someone posting about The Slice of the QC.  It had something to do with free pizza so of course I zeroed in on it and wanted to learn more.  Turns out it's a fundraiser for The Arc of the Quad Cities...of which I know nothing about.

So, I reached out to them on the Facebook (I call it THE Facebook) and asked them a few questions.

This is a really cool promotion that is a win-win-win.  You can help developmentally disabled Quad Citizens, promote local businesses, and have a shot at free pizza!

1st off…can you talk to me about what The Arc of the Quad Cities is and who you help?

The Arc of the Quad Cities Area provides support services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We help them live their best lives and achieve their fullest potential.

Talk to me about the Slice of the QC. How did you come up with the idea and what pizza places are involved?

Slice of the QC was supposed to be an in-person event to be held at Bent River Brewing Company in Rock Island. Because of Covid, we switched it to a community wide/virtual event that everyone can participate in.

Our pizza sponsors are: Lopiez, Happy Joes, Godfather’s Pizza, Quad City Pizza Company, Saint Giuseppe’s, Antonella’s II, Pizza & Subs.

Just text “Pizza” to 309-220-6114 to vote, make a small donation, and a coupon for a free tasting of “Arctober Fest” brew at Bent River.

If someone wants to vote for pizza that is not on the list…can they write in their choice?

Nope, our pizza sponsors have paid to be a part of Slice of the QC. What is great about this promotion is that it supports local businesses and does good things for people with disabilities. We hope expand our pizza sponsor listings next year.

What is the minimum donation needed to be able to vote?

In order to entered into the FREE pizza drawings each Friday in October, we ask that participants make a small donation. We are talking donations as little as $5, $10, or $15. AND all donations are matched 1:1 by Modern Woodmen of Americas Matching Fund program.

So your $5 donation becomes $10 that goes directly to The Arc.

Is there a specific use for the money being raised?

Each donation helps The Arc respond to the challenges of keeping people with disabilities safe, happy, and engaged.

Any other plans for fundraising coming up?
There is a great way to help people with disabilities over the holidays. It’s our Amazon Wish List program These are lists of items that have been chosen by people with disabilities. What is great about this program, is that the purchased items go directly to people with disabilities. There is no “middle-man.” There is a variety of gifts to choose from like DVDs to a soft sack bean bag chair. You will be making a big difference for people with disabilities over the holidays.

How do people learn more about the Slice of the QC promotion and also more about The Arc of the QC?

Check us out on Facebook @ARCQCA. We are making our live drawings around 1:00 p.m. every Friday in October…just two more to go. Or visit us at


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