Full disclosure:  One of the hosts of Sleep With The Light On is my cousin Andrew.  I saw him last weekend and asked him how the podcast was going.  He said "Good. Have you listened?"  And I said..."well, I listened to the first one."  Then I awkwardly/drunkenly wormed my way through the excuse of why I ditched them after the first episode.

Everyone's 1st episode is not the best effort.  We need time under our belt.  We need to get our reps in.  We need to find our voice...a cadence.

I'm happy to say...they found it.

Here's the gist of the podcast.  Andrew is a HUGE horror movie fan.  The biggest scary movie nerd I've ever met.  He knows actors, directors, the history behind the making of the movies.  His co-host Elly is also a huge horror movie buff!  The other co-host, Logan is not.  He's not a fan of the genre and has never seen any horror movies.  So, they make him watch everything from cult classics to b-movie horrors and they all review it coming from completely different perspectives.

What I like about the show is that Logan mixes things up along the way with trivia to peer into the horror fans' brains.  He feeds their ability to call back to characters & other movies. Their knowledge about the genre really is awe-inspiring.  He also knows that his lack of horror knowledge is a great way to gaslight his horror hosts and it's super funny.

Logan is a great host that keeps things rolling.  Elly does a great job of explaining the storyline of the week's movie & adding her two cents.  Andrew's religion is horror films so it is sacred to him.

If you're interested in a fun podcast...expecially this Halloween, you need to check out Sleep With The Light On.

Follow them on Facebook, for updates to the show and Andrew does some really great short reviews of films they haven't gotten to yet.

Available at the links below, or anywhere else you get your podcasts.

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