With just a few days left of the year, we're almost out of the hell hole that was 2020. While we're not quite sure when to expect life to become "normal" again, we definitely have a lot of new music to look forward to, including Guns N' Roses — which Slash believes will come out in 2021.

Speaking with Cleveland.com about the band's new Not in This Lifetime tour-inspired pinball machine, the guitarist confirmed that he's worked on music for both GN'R and his side project with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators this year.

"[Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators] did a week of initial pre-production and there’s 20 songs and we’re gonna start back up next year. I spent a lot of time writing and demoing that stuff," Slash said.

"And prior to that Duff [McKagan] and I did some jamming and we also worked on the Guns record, and I’ve had a couple of ancillary recordings and jams on top of that, so there’s been a lot of stuff going on. I’m really not good at slowing down and just sitting around."

Kennedy recently rejected the notion that a new album with Slash would be out in 2021, mainly because he will be releasing a solo album of his own sometime in the year. However, the guitarist anticipates we'll hear new music from both of his bands sooner than later.

"I would like to think that we’d have some new stuff out next year — from both camps, I guess. It’s hard to say, but I would like to think we’ll have stuff out next year, yeah."

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