The headline may sound like a joke, but a game console and chicken warmer have now become one device every greasy fingertip needs.

Not that it's a good idea to try and play your favorite video games with a greasy controller, but this is revolutionary. I'm a big fried chicken fan and I don't like it cold. When in the middle of a marathon game and the delivery service just rang the bell with your bucket, you can't just stop and eat. Then, once it is time to eat, reheating fried chicken in a microwave takes away all that crispy goodness. This is where this device from KFC and CoolMaster fits perfectly into your life.

Just watch what the KFConsole can do.

According to the announcement, the device will use the console’s natural heat and airflow systems to warm the chicken while providing a high-quality gaming experience.

I know way more about chicken than I do gaming, so this next piece of console intel was lost on me, but it sure sounds good,

“Enjoy smooth and fluid high-frame-rate gameplay at up to 240fps for ALL games, with support for 240Hz output on 4k displays.”

We still don't know exactly when you can pick up one of these revolutionary devices.


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