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I love when people who aren't from Iowa describe Iowa. A lot of people see Iowa as a "fly over state" and assume we just have a bunch of cornfields. But Iowa has a lot of things and this comedian hilariously describes them.

Comedian Josh Pray describes himself as "probably the most positive-inclusive-insightful-plus size comedian, model and person on the internet! " He is hilarious and makes a lot of very funny videos.

Back on December 14th, Josh made a video telling his followers 5 things you need to know about Iowa. Even though he isn't from Iowa, all the things he describes are on point. These are the 5 things people should know about Iowa according to comedian Josh Pray.

1. The Iowa vs Iowa State Rivalry

Iowa v Iowa State
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Josh had no idea about the very real and very intense rivalry between Iowa and Iowa State. AS he says in the video, Iowa, Iowa State separates homes, separates umbilical cords, split whole families up." Yes Josh, the Iowa, Iowa State rivalry is one of the biggest rivalries in college football.

2. Iowa Has Some Hoods


Yes, there are hoods in Iowa, and Josh says that they are no joke. He looked up police reports out of Waterloo and realized how intense things get. He even pointed out Davenport and the hoods here.

3. Iowa Nice Is A Thing


Someone not from Iowa learns about Iowa nice real fast. To help make this video and learn about Iowa, Josh's friend Chris and a female friend of his gave him info about Iowa. He says then they over gave him information, pictures, videos and more to help him out. His buddy Chris even drove him around Iowa for 5-6 hours to give him things to talk about.

4. If You Don't Eat It Deep Fried, You're A Wimp

Deep fryer with boiling oil on restaurant kitchen, toned image

Josh wants to lose weight, but if he comes to Iowa, he says he isn't going to lose anyway. Apparently Iowans deep fry everything. He calls Iowa "the mecca" of deep frying stuff.

5. Iowa Rednecks Are A Different Breed Of Rednecks

Gregory Bergman

Apparently Josh thinks that Iowans are THE rednecks and a different breed of rednecks too. He says that Iowa rednecks "drink moonshine with their pinkies up."

Check out the hilarious video of the 5 things that "ain't no joke" about Iowa below.

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