Skid Row was my first concert.  February 10, 1992 at the Palmer Auditorium. My friends would make fun of me because I didn't lose my concert virginity to GNR like they did the year prior, but I couldn't wait any had to happen.

I remember getting my ticket and seeing Soundgarden, who I'd never heard of, was on the bill.  I ran to the store to buy the album so I could be familiar with them before the show and I was blown away.  It's the reason I continue to research the opening bands before a show whether I'm familiar or not.  

Recently Skid Row got another new lead singer, so there's been a lot of buzz about "Get Sebastian Bach Back In The Band" and I couldn't agree more.  Now, since it seems the band isn't interested, things are getting ugly.  Baz (Sebastian) says he wrote more songs than he was given credit for. The mud is slinging!