Move over Christmas and Valentine's Day. Today is National Drink Wine Day. Finally, a holiday I can get behind. Here are six stats from a recent survey on our wine-drinking habits...

  1. Our five favorite types of wine are merlot, zinfandel, chardonnay, Riesling, and pinot noir. And overall, Americans prefer red wine to white.
  2. When you drink wine, how much do you drink? 74% of people said one or two glasses, 13% said three, 3% said four, another 3% said five, and 6% said they usually just down the whole bottle. Which is about six glasses.
  3. Have you ever finished off an entire bottle yourself? 37% of people said they have.
  4. Only 9% of people in the survey said wine gives them the worst hangovers. We're assuming hard liquor is probably the top answer there.
  5. 42% of Americans think a $10 bottle of wine qualifies as a "nice" bottle. And 24% think you're really splurging if you spend over $15.
  6. Does wine ever make you emotional? According to the survey, 3% of us cry EVERY time we drink wine.

Read more at National Today.

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