Shaking her booty in front of millions of fans = no shame. Releasing gas in front of her boyfriend = major embarrassment.

Brazillian singer Viviane de Queiroz Pereira woke up at 5:30 a.m. experiencing severe stomach pains. The singer who goes by the stage name of "Pocah" ended up in the hospital that morning.

Pereira had been refusing to fart in front of her current significant other Ronan Souza which caused a painful and dangerous gas buildup. Pereira refused to pass gas because she was not on "farting terms" with her boyfriend yet.

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 On her Instagram story, which has already disappeared, she let her 15.7 million fans know, "Girls, don't be ashamed to fart in front of your guy, because what's really embarrassing is not letting your guy sleep because you're in discomfort, going to the hospital with your guy, and the diagnosis being 'trapped farts.' From now on, I'm letting them rip, guys."      




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When methane does not travel through one's intestines properly, trapped gas occurs. This causes discomfort in the abdomen or sharp pains. Certain foods and irritable bowel syndrome can also cause these pains of trapped gas.




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During the singer's hospital visit, doctors were able to relieve her from her painful gas buildup.

“From now on, I’m letting them rip, guys,” said Pereira. “But that’s it, guys. I’m medicated and I’m fine,” Pocah is using her large platform to warn others against keeping farts bottled up inside.

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