Bill Gates is funding a project to cover the Sun to dim it, to "cool" earth, according to Forbes.

The research, Controlled Stratospheric Disturbance Experiment, is being handled by Harvard University, and aims to get sunlight to reflect outside of the planet's atmosphere.

“SCoPEx is a scientific experiment to advance the understanding of stratospheric aerosols that could be relevant for solar geoengineering,” the project page reads.

Well, the Simpsons really called this one first. In Season 6, Episode 25, "Who Shot Mr. Burns," the evil Mr. Burns decides that he's going to block out the sun to cool Springfield so people have to rely on his energy company to heat their homes and power their lights.

Whether there's something more dastardly planned with blocking out the sun, it's just interesting that the Simpson's got it again, with a CEO wanting to block out the sun for some reason.

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