You've heard of star-crossed lovers? Well, how about Star-crossed enemies?

Police in Oklahoma City have arrested a man for assaulting another man when they got into an argument about whether Star Wars or Star Trek is better.

Jerome Whyte, 23, is the bully whose record now includes an incident about coming to blows over Captain Kirk.

Whyte and the unidentified victim were in an apartment living room when they started beefing about which franchise was better. The victim got fed up and declared "You're just a trick" before he headed into his room.

Calm Whyte not was (read that in the Yoda voice, please) because he followed the man and shoved him to the ground. The victim got back up, but Whyte pushed him down again and then started choking him to the point he almost passed out. The victim managed to grab a knife and Whyte cut himself when he tried to take it.

Cops later arrested Whyte, who, as far as we can tell, is definitely the "Rogue One" in this relationship. We can only assume that if he does any jail time, they'll make a movie about this mess call "The Wrath of an Ex-Con."

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