At some auctions, people would actually pay tens, maybe hundreds of thousands for an undamaged ticket from this concert:  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Animals, The Moody Blues, Donovan, and a few "pop" acts as well ... 1965 ..  The New Musical Express Festival in London.  Wow  ...  The Beatles AND The Stones in the same show!

The New Musical Express was a music newspaper, then magazine, devoted mainly to UK music and as popular or more than Billboard, and it's other peers.  However, nothing stays the same.  It's popularity faded over the years, and last year it became a free paper.  But Holy Cow !   Having the clout and resources to put on shows like this one is pretty amazing.  They made a TV movie about this particular show in 1965, and many of these artists had appearances and more.  Might be a cool nostalgic evening if you can find it !

Hulton Archive, Getty Images